0345 Numbers

Premier 0345 telephone numbers are one the U.K's most popular choices for business use, advertised by sole traders and vast corporate enterprises alike. With a Premier 0345 you can create your very own unique services package to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible. Our prices start from as little as £75 one-off setup, with a monthly service charge from as low as £10.

Why use a Premier 0345 telephone Number

Here are just a few of the benefits that a Premier 0345 telephone number can bring you:

  • Low setup cost
  • Bundled into customers inclusive minutes
  • Professional company appearance
  • Receive calls from under 1p per minute.
  • Advertise nationally
  • Additional services available allowing complete and simple control of your inbound communications

To start benefiting from a Premier 0345 number today please begin by selecting from one of the many numbers that we currently have in stock.

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How do Premier 0345 telephone numbers work?

When a potential customer calls your Premier 0345 telephone number the call is instantly redirected to the destination number of your choice.

Do I need to install an extra phone line?

No, your Premier 0345 telephone number is connected to a destination telephone number of your choice. This can be either a landline or a mobile telephone. You can change your destination telephone number as and when required completely free of charge.

What is the charge to receive calls on my Premier 0345 number?

When you connect your Premier 0333 telephone number to any U.K landline call charges start from under 1p per minute

What do my customers pay to call a Premier 0345 telephone number?

A call to a Premier 0345 telephone number from either a landline or mobile telephone the call charge is incorporated into inclusive minutes – effectively making the call free.

How do I add services to my Premier 0345 telephone number?

Many extra features can be added to your Premier 0345 telephone numbers to help improve your business, please take a look at our ‘services’ page for more information.