Why are 0345 numbers becoming more popular?

0345 numbers are becoming more popular and quickly becoming businesses favourite alternative to 0845 numbers.

So what are the reasons 0345 is taking off?

Firstly, 0345 are free to call, from either landlines or mobiles and that makes them very attractive to callers. If you have inclusive minutes on your mobile, you can call 0345 numbers as part of your included minutes and from a business point of view, will make your customers more inclined to contact you.

To get access to an 0345 number you must be the current owner of the correlating 0845 number. With more callers now calling from mobiles than landlines, Premier Numbers are very keen to help encourage the use of mobile friendly 0345 numbers. Premier Numbers are doing this by, giving you the 0845 number you will need in order to access your 0345 number completely free of charge. Not only that but Premier Numbers will include 1000 inclusive minutes on the basic £15 per month 0345 number range, and will increase the inclusive minutes when memorable 0345 numbers are purchased.

0345 numbers are quickly becoming the business number of the future, do not miss your chance to get both the 0345 number along with the 0845 number you’ll need to access it at half the price you will pay elsewhere

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